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Booking Union Hall in Park Slope, Brooklyn

Shannon Manning is the new talent buyer for UNION HALL in Park Slope, BROOKLYN.  This is a 150 standing/100 seated venue below this charming bar with fireplaces and bocce.


Beauty Love Truth with Doug Gillard
Beauty Love Truth with Doug Gillard
Chris Mills
Chris Mills

Comedy-Josh Gondelman
And this is what it looks like in black and white:

The Sadies


Sparkle Reel from Shannon Manning on Vimeo.

This is a reel of my video producing, shooting, editing, and writing.

Includes clips from:

Chris Mills music video Escape from New York
Pirate Treasurer
The Community Organizers (drawings by Maria Schneider)
The Day’s Last Peace Bear (additional camera Crystal Bahmaie)
United We Stand Beer
Mingus Big Band
LifetimeTV “Gift Intervention”
Baron Vaughn promo for Shoot The Messenger
Manhattan Young Democrats promo
Ladyland (additional camera Philip Shane)
Lianne Smith music video Postcard to a Bird
Ready to Rock, FUSE pilot

Chris Mills Music Videos


Longtime collaborator Chris Mills has a new album out:  Chris Mills and the Distant Stars – Alexandria.

Shannon provided footage for these two videos:

Heavy Years

Three videos shot and edited Shannon Manning for Chris Mills album “Heavy Years 2000-2010.” Title drawings by Emily Flake.  Shot during 2005 Wall to Wall Sessions.


Escape From New York

A Farewell to Arms (on Village Voice)

You Are My Favorite Song

 Chris Mills is Living the Dream 

Music by Chris Mills from the album  2005 The Wall to Wall Sessions

Orchestral arrangements by David Nagler
Shot and edited by Shannon Manning

Recorded and mixed live to 2-track tape January 5-9, 2005 at Wall To Wall Recording, Chicago, IL performed by Chris Mills, Jason Adasiewicz, Nick Broste, Dave Max Crawford, Stephen Dorocke, Gerald Dowd, Ryan Hembrey, Kelly Hogan, Nate LePine, Fred Lonberg, David Nagler, Patrick Newbery, Nora O’Connor, Jen Clare Paulson, Jay Pike, Aram Shelton, Susan Voelz, Deb Stevenson.

Most songs were recorded with only a few takes, one run-through and the entire ensemble going into the control room for playback and ego-free feedback: “I’m too loud in the mix.” Shot with only one camera using the various takes (the band is perfect every take.)

Live The Dream

Beauty Love Truth-music inspires improv


Beauty Love Truth! Wonderful guest musicians play a few of their songs, and after each song, the rotating cast of improvisers (from UCB, Second City, IO, Magnet Theater, the PIT, everywhere!) create scenes inspired by the mood, images, themes, or words from the song. Nothing is planned; sweet, tragic, or ridiculous relationships unfold, worlds are created or destroyed, souls enlightened or crushed, and magic truths underscored with laughter.

Performed in NYC at Barrow Street Theater, Union Hall, The PIT, Standard Toykraft, Magnet (and annually in Calgary, AB, Canada with local musicians and improvisers.) We hope to bring the show to more cities so people can create their own forms based on the model and foster more music/comedy crossovers.

Below is the cast photo from the show that featured Georgia and Ira of Yo La Tengo and Joe Garden from the Onion, who did the introduction! Check the site for the full list of the amazing musicians, improvisers, and emcees.

Video of over a decade of shows will be posted soon!


Mingus projects

Video production, promotion, management for the Mingus bands and production of the Mingus High School Competition at Manhattan School of Music and NEA American Masterpieces tour and NPR broadcast of Mingus Orchestra. Production for 2011 Grammy-winning album.