Stage Video

Pilot/stage show/web series

With Lizz Winstead, co-creator of the Daily Show:

  • Produced, directed, and edited a web series for Lifetime TV called Gift Intervention
  • Produced, shot, directed, and edited a reality-show pilot for Fuse TV
  • Wrote and produced video segments and produced live stage show with 3-camera shoot and web video show called Shoot the Messenger

“As the quiet chaos of the comings and goings and People With Keys continues throughout the evening into the night, the writers work. It is equal-parts newsroom budget meeting and Saturday Night Live bull session – demanding, funny, intense. At the moment, the crew is still searching for a slogan that will sum up a holiday special that attempts to persuade all religions to embrace materialism the way Christians have with Christmas. Slogans are tossed out. Some are met with indifference, silence, polite chuckles. Then, out of nowhere, Manning says, “Consume All Ye Faithful.” Ding-ding-ding. We have a winner. But there are no high-fives, no exaggerated back-pats, just a natural move to the next order of business: There’s more work to be done, as show time is two days away.”

Writing and video clips available upon request.